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You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge — N.W.A.

How can I be attractive? This is one of the great questions humans ask themselves all the time. We all need to feel wanted by others. It's normal. Being found attractive by other humans means you're more likely to belong to a particular community/group and fulfil your innate need to belong and connect with others. Suppose you typed this in whatever search engine you use; you're seeing this because it's the best resource on the internet with the best information on how to satisfy your search query. And if you stumbled upon this by accident...well, no knowledge is a waste, and the information in this blog post will go a long way to help you.

The four (4) tricks you can use to make you a more attractive person are; (1) Smiling more, (2) Having confidence, (3) Great personal hygiene and (4) Having a Good dress/fashion sense.

Let's begin as I explain these tricks in-depth.



A smiling face is a beautiful face. A smiling heart is a happy heart — Dr T.P. Chia.

I know we have all heard this saying/quote written in different iterations "The best accessory to put on is a smile". This is very true. When you smile, you signal to others that you are friendly and willing to interact with them because you have a more approachable demeanour. When you smile at someone, their immediate response is a smile back. This is perfect for kick-starting conversations and making new lifelong friends. Smiling also shows others that you are ready and eager to cooperate.

No one ever walks up to or is attracted to someone who always frowns, so if you want to be attractive, smile whenever you meet people.



Confidence has this aura that draws people to you. People love being around confident individuals, and confidence is very attractive. It shines through your personal and work relationships. Having confidence in yourself and your abilities also makes you a positive individual. Because someone secure in themselves and their abilities to take whatever life throws at them always thinks positively.



Nobody likes a dirty individual. Take care of yourself and your body. Do not wear dirty-smelling clothes and shoes. Brush your teeth, have your bath twice a day, and steam or iron your clothes when you leave your house. Having excellent grooming and hygiene habit automatically makes you more attractive. Enough said.



This is one area a lot of people miss it. Having a good dress/fashion sense does not mean you have to buy and wear designer clothes or whatever piece of clothing or style that is trending. It means you dress to suit your current body type. Wear clothes that you are comfortable with, that fits your body and are stylish.

A trick is to wear timeless quality clothes. Meaning clothes that are always in style irrespective of the season, e.g. well-tailored jeans and a nice polo shirt, never go out of style/fashion.

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