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In my last blog post, I stated that I owed you—millions of my beautiful readers—two blog posts this week, and as you know, your beloved author always pays his debts.


Today I will be continuing the violence from where I stopped. Oh! You thought I was going to bring peace today?




This week is for the lord of chaos, and I am his humble servant swinging the sword of anarchy.

In the last blog post, I gave you four guaranteed ways you could take to ruin your life swiftly. In case you are a new reader, welcome. You can check out the last blog post here. Also, feel free to check around the website, join as a community member, read previous blog posts to your heart's content and listen to released podcast episodes.

Today I decided to touch on a sore spot for literally 99% of the population on the planet. I would be talking about money. But I’m not going to take the path all finance bloggers and money gurus on the interweb take by talking about wealth and its different levels. That would be too easy. I decided to switch things up today, and if you're an ardent reader of my blog posts, you already know that.


Today I’d be talking about the different levels of poverty individuals across the globe experience. If you find your level, as you read on, do not be offended. Also, I left a suggestion on how to escape whatever level you may be on because you are still my readers, and I genuinely care about my tribe. Anyway, Let’s begin!




Let's be honest. If you’re at this level, you’re poor-poor, meaning you're probably not even able to read this right now. Here, you have nothing to your name. When I say nothing, I MEAN NOTHING! This level is also characterised by heavy debt or being helped by the state, depending on the country you live in. You are 100% financially dependent on others. You likely don’t have a place to stay or call your own, nor do you even know where your next meal would come from without assistance. First, this level applies to you if you are 20 and above because this is what I consider the age of a fully functioning adult.

Second, I’d like to state that many millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires started on this level and still got to where they are now. If you are prepared to do the work, you can take yourself out of this level. The first thing I suggest you do is to get a job. Any legal job you can get at this point would do. You need to start earning some income if you will ever stand a chance of getting out of this level.



Ah! Yes. You know what this is. Although you have a place of your own where you lay your head at night, you probably have multiple jobs or work overtime so that you can be paid just enough to pay some of your bills.

At this level, you may also probably be in debt and see no way how you can pay it all. When the paycheck comes in, you rank your bills in order of priority, using the year's season and other factors. You cannot afford to fall sick because you barely have enough money to pay for food, talk-less of hospital bills. This is a sad, stressful level. As I said in the previous point, you can take yourself out of this level if willing to work. The first thing I suggest you do is to make time out to learn valuable skills in demand in the marketplace. Or know how you can use your God-given gift and exchange it for money in the market. You can use your commute time to work or an hour before bed to learn the skills or develop your gift. Make sure you get as much knowledge as possible to develop the particular skill or God-given gift to be excellent at it. This will allow you to offer the honed skills to people in the marketplace in exchange for money.



At this level, you probably have a comfortable job mixed with a good side hustle that pays all your bills and leaves just enough for you to splurge on one or two branded items in the shopping mall. This level is also characterised by lousy debt like credit card debt, student loans etc. You have no savings whatsoever and are one horrible life event away from going to level one type of poverty. I suggest you take out the money you spend on the branded items and buy tools that would make you do your job or side hustle effectively and efficiently. This would drastically increase your output and help you achieve company goals that qualify you for a raise or serve more customers who patronise your side business. The goal is to increase your means, earn more money to pay off your bad debt, and have enough money stored to be confident in making an actionable plan to get out of this level.



This level is weird. You have a good job or business—and in some cases, you’re probably earning five figures and above yearly—you have a decent house/apartment, a nice car, very decent clothes and shoes. Still, you have no savings, no investments in the form of assets, no emergency funds etc. But you have the latest iPhone, MacBook, and other gadgets of your choice, which you use to check your bank account and see just how poor you are as you see you have no money in your bank account.

You are living paycheck to paycheck, and if anything should happen to your source of income, you are fucked!

If you’re at this level, the only thing I suggest you do is to set a budget. This will aid you to quickly knowing the difference between the stuff you need and what you want. Check out my blog post on finance before romance to do this effectively. There I explained how you could make, manage, and multiply money.


There you have it, folks, as I promised. Quick announcement, the YouTube channel for the blog post is up and running. There I would explain concepts and teach core principles to have a healthy, happy, functioning romantic relationship entertainingly. I’d love it if you joined this growing global army of billions. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

Next week, I will upload the first video, so make sure you turn on the notifications so you don’t miss any of my uploads.

Well, concerning this blog, if you haven’t subscribed to the blog, please do so if your goal is to have a healthy, peaceful relationship with a gorgeous or handsome partner this year. Like this blog post for the value, it gave you, and share this with many people who need to read it.

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Until next time!


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